Declutter Your Closet of unwanted clothes and shoes, separating lightly worn pieces from the torn or soiled.


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Once your clothes have been picked up and head over to stretchdspace.com to schedule your visit!

Samantha’s Closet is on a mission to collect unwanted clothes for repurposing, donation, and recycling. When you donate with us, you’ll get rewarded! Our partner brands are known for valuing mental health, promoting wellness, and practicing sustainable choices. Clean your closet, get rewarded, and help to create a more sustainable future together with us!

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Assisted stretching is the ultimate way to get a deep stretch, safely and effectively. Expert Stretch*rs take you through a customized stretch experience using dynamic stretch methods to gently build your flexibility and range of motion and all the while, chill you out.

25-Min Quick*e Stretch

Thight on more than just time? A 25-minute Quick*e will loosen up your thightest areas and have you in your way in no time.

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27 W 20th Street
New York, NY 10011


-Giveaways are hosted by Samantha’s Closet, in partnership with Stretch*d Space. Stretch*d Space is not responsible for anything other than sending giveaway codes to the clothing donation participants during this campaign.

-Campaign will run from December 18, 2020 – January 10, 2021 depending on the availability of the prizes.

-Participants must be located in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, or the Bronx.

-To participate, users must complete out the Calendly date selector and form. Our drivers must successfully pickup the clothing donation in order for the participant to enter the giveaway and claim their prize.


-Limited prizes available.

-Upon entering, winners are automatically entered in our newsletter and agree to the possibility of being tagged in a social media post from @samanthasclosetnyc

-Prizes will be distributed according to partners policy, typically via email to the entrants email address provided at sign up. Participants are not responsible for anything other than the packing and placing of their donation at the provided address.


Interested in partnering with us?

Email: partner@samanthasclosetny.com